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How far in advance should I place my order?
It is best to book your cake 4 to 6 months in advance for a wedding, and 3 to 4 weeks in advance for a celebration cake. While last minute orders can occasionally be accommodated, it is not guaranteed that the date you have selected will be available.
How much do your cakes cost?
Every cake is a unique creation designed to meet the specifications of the client. Pricing is determined based on the size and complexity of the design.
What is needed to order a cake?
• Date, time and location of your event

• The occasion/nature of your celebration

(Wedding, birthday, baby shower, etc.)

• The number of servings required

• Design ideas such as photos from magazines or web links, color swatches and invitations that express your event plans and personal style.

• Flavors that you would like to sample

• Daytime phone number and email address

Do you offer tastings?
Cake tastings are included for cakes of 100 servings or more and are available by appointment only. We understand the work involved in planning an event, so we bring the tasting to you and will be happy to work with your schedule if you need an evening or weekend appointment. We are happy to provide tastings for orders fewer than 100 servings for a $35 fee for two people. Please select five flavors from our list or let us know if there is a particular flavor you are looking for. The tasting is your opportunity to go over all the details of your event so please be prepared with all colors, images of flowers, design elements of the wedding gown and the overall feel that you have in mind for the event.
What is your payment policy?
A retainer equal to 50% of your estimated order cost is required to secure the date. Your order is not confirmed until your signed contract and deposit are received. The remaining balance is due in full 2 weeks before your event date. If you book your cake with less than 2 weeks prior to your event, full payment is due upon ordering.

An additional refundable deposit is required for any rental equipment used for the set up and display of the cake. It is the client’s responsibility to return any items within 3 days following the event, at which time the deposit is returned. If there are any damages to the items, the amount will be deducted from the deposit. A late fee of $25 per day will be assessed if the items are retuned more than 3 days after the event. If the equipment is not returned within 2 weeks, the deposit will not be refunded.

Do you deliver?
Delivery is available and recommended for all cake orders; pricing is based on location. While it is generally not a problem for clients to transport smaller cakes, self-transporting a cake is at your own risk.
Do you ship?
Unfortunately, cakes are not available to be shipped. Chocolates, on the other hand, can be shipped, but it is not highly recommended. Additional fees are added depending on size of order and destination. When temperatures are above 70˚ F, there is an additional charge of $7.50 for cooling materials.
Can we have more than one cake flavor for a tiered cake or does it have to be all the same?
Feel free to choose any cake and filling combination that you desire. There is no limitation on flavors for your cake, and often multiple flavor combinations are preferred. All cakes can be customized to meet your flavor and decorative style, and it is our pleasure to help you create exactly the cake you crave.
Why is my venue charging me a cake cutting fee?
While it may come as a surprise to you when planning your event, this is a regular part of the business. Every venue charges a fee to cut and serve your cake, although they don’t all spell it out. This fee covers the cost of the wait-staff which is cutting and serving your cake, as well as the stewarding staff that cleans the dishes and silverware. Often the venues will emphasize this fee, recommend you use their in house bakers and then offer to “waive” it if you go with their cake. In reality they aren’t waiving anything, but since they will be making extra money off of your cake purchase the fee is simply built in to the profit from your cake. The fee itself is usually minimal in comparison to your venues other fees but it is always best to ask about it up front.
Is it cheaper to get a fake display cake and serve sheet cakes?
Styrofoam display cakes can often cost just as much as the raw ingredients used for a baked cake. Since the bulk of your cost in the cake is in the decorating, it costs the same no matter if it is on a real cake or a “dummy” cake. Then you will still have the cost of the sheet cakes, and in the end you will be paying more for the display cake and serving cakes than you would if you simply ordered a wedding cake with the appropriate number of servings.